Te Whakapono was established over 5 years ago because of the concern for Rotorua kidney dialysis patients having to travel to Waikato on an ongoing basis, sometimes several times a week. (Aunty) Bea Yates voiced the belief that the Rotorua community should be able to make our own dialysis unit happen, and after raising $700,000 for equipping the unit,  Maharo commenced as part of Rotorua Hospital.

Our next project was a Mobile Ear Unit, also operating from the Hospital, to check children for glue ear, which if not treated early can jeopardize children’s learning and development.

Since then, Te Whakapono has furnished Paimarie (emergency whanau accommodation at Rotorua Hospital), equipped the Stroke Survivors’ gym for mobility, and helped Rotovegas Youth Health with equipment.

Our mission is helping fund Rotorua’s health needs by marshalling local resources.

Help us now with future projects by buying this excellent initiative: “Volcanic Kitchens, come and join us”.

Every book purchased from NZCU Rotorua, corner of Pukuatua and Fenton Streets or at Waikite Pools will contribute to Rotorua’s health needs.

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